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I will give you practical information about how you can set up the Google accelerated mobile pages AMP plugin on your Wordpress site.

What is AMP? What does an AMP do? I do not go into these details thinking that you have already learned such information from different topics in the forum. I'll explain how AMP setup and settings for Wordpress site are done.

Some friends complain that AMP can't edit the theme, add analytics code, add ads, or the design is too simple after installing the AMP plugin. There's a very practical solution to this. You don't have to pay for your site to be AMP, you can apply it yourself in a few steps.


1st. Add-on: AMP (Developer: Automattic)

2nd ed. Plugin: AMP for WP-Accelerated Mobile Pages (developer: Ahmed Kaludi, Mohammed Kaludi)

1st. and 2. install and activate plugins. (the two plugins work together)

AMP your pages you can control it by reaching the shape.

Refresh your site's wp-admin panel AMP menu will appear at the bottom of the left menu.

Click Getting Started and start adjusting.


This section contains logo settings and analytics settings. The settings I apply are as shown in the picture.



You don't have to change anything in this section. Keep the Design Two setting as it is.

If you want to change the AMP theme color

Click Launch Post Builder to the right of the Drag & Drug Post Builder in the Design menu. AMP theme customization page will be opened.

You can change the color of the site from where the top says background and link colors. You can edit the theme as light version or dark version.

Also in this section, remove the click Next To Meta info on the left menu at the top. Don't let the writer appear.


If you are using Yoast SEO plugin, set the following settings to ON. If you are using all in one seo or you are not using an seo plugin, set it to OFF.
Add Meta Tags from Yoast
Yoast Custom Description for AMP page


From this section you are setting the menu on the AMP page on the topics on your site. Select this menu in amp, whichever is the main menu position of your site, and save the menus.


This is the part of the AMP version that allows you to adjust adsense or different ad settings.

Site - wide top and bottom section ad insertion (AD #1 #2), singular font insertion (AD #3 #4) is in the form of.

AD #1
Below the Header (SiteWide))

AD #2
Below the Footer (SiteWide))

AD #3
Above the post content (single post)

AD #4
Below the post content (single post)


The number of similar posts on the single text Page, the previous and next text display, the display of social media sharing icons, the part where there are options. My settings are as follows.



In this section you can select the share social media buttons.

I did not make any settings in the Structured Data and Notifications menu. Notifications are OFF. I didn't see any need to send any notification to the visitor.

Translation Panel

This section is the language translation area. You can translate the Site according to what your language is.


With the video below you can get information about setup and settings.


AMP is a very effective solution for your site to open up faster on mobile visits and for your site to not contract with unnecessary queries on mobile uses. On sites where mobile usage is high, you can increase your site speed with AMP.

Sample GTmetrix and Google PageSpeed Tools results :



ADDITIONAL INFORMATION / from this section you can check the compatibility of your AMP page.

If you get the following error : the extension 'amp-social-share extension .js script ' was found on this page, but is unknown (no 'amp-social-share' tag seen). This may become an error in the future.

Code that causes the error: Html Code
< script async custom-element="amp-social-share" src=""> < / script >
Solution :

from the wp-admin menu, click View -> AMP.

Click design from the menu on the left of the pop-up page and remove the Clicki next to Social Icons, save. Check with validator again, problem solved.


I hope that was helpful. With these 2 Add-ons you can get the AMP version you want to manage.

I don't have much time to answer the questions you ask about the subject veremeyebirsiniz, can help with friends with knowledge.

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